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Michael Birbari

Director, Private Client Group
Senior Investment Advisor

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Our Philosophy

The investment journey is one punctuated with uncertain markets, economies, politics and emotions. In our view, true wealth is achieved by looking beyond the timing of an individual asset’s acquisition or divestiture and instead proceeding with a disciplined investment plan. We believe that a structured financial plan can help to ensure that your investment portfolio will weather volatility and appreciate competitively during market ups and downs, which will always be part of investing.

We saw how the U.S. credit debacle led to many ill-timed, costly, and emotional decisions by panicked investors, many of whom lacked a disciplined, long-term investment plan. Many would have fared better had they relied on advisors with a plan and process that both they and their advisors could follow.

In our experience, your investment plan should first contain an asset allocation strategy (involving diversification across uncorrelated asset classes); a plan to rebalance the asset mix as your personal circumstances or market conditions change: and a plan to capitalize on carefully considered buying opportunities in market lows. This may sometimes entail a healthy amount of alternative thinking to exploit market inefficiencies.

Each client’s long-term financial plan and resulting investment portfolio will vary to reflect their personal circumstances and tolerance for risk. We create their plan and investment portfolio after extensive discussion with them about their life goals. Then, we create their Investment Policy Statement, a formal document containing a detailed outline of their goals and our recommended investment strategy.


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