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Economic Monthly Reports

We are pleased to present the latest editions of the Economic Monitor and the Market Monitor from Dynamic Funds Economics, prepared by Chief Economist Dr. Martin Murenbeeld and Senior Economist William Tharp; a division which provides independent analysis and research to retail and institutional interests from across the globe.  

Dynamic Funds Economic Monitor

Global growth continues to show divergent patterns; the US and Canada have shown some signs of strength but the Eurozone and Japan are struggling. Growth in China also appears to be slowing. The ECB and Bank of Japan are attempting to combat worryingly low inflation with yet looser monetary policies. However, this is unlikely to help growth significantly and any benefit will likely come through currency devaluation.

Dynamic Funds Economic Monitor - September 2014

Monthly Market Snapshot

Making Geography Matter Again

Many of the world’s most followed indices, including the S&P 500, the MSCI World and the S&P/TSX Composite, are market-cap weighted. In other words, the larger the overall value of the company, the bigger the weighting in the index.  And when looking at things from a geographical standpoint, all that’s considered is where a company’s headquarters are located. Here’s the problem: the multi-national nature of business these days pretty much renders the geographical breakdown of an index (or a portfolio) useless when lines are drawn based on where a firm is domiciled.For example, if most of Blackberry’s revenue comes from outside of Canada, does it really matter that the firm happens to be based in Waterloo, Ontario?

Monthly Market Snapshot - October 2014

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Scotiabank's Global Forecast Update

 Scotia Economics provides clients with in-depth commentary regarding the factors shaping the outlook for Canada and the global economy, including macroeconomic developments, currency and capital market trends, commodity and industry performance, as well as monetary and public policy issues.

Global Growth — Still Out Of Synch And Out Of Sorts

The global economy’s sixth year of expansion is off to an inauspicious start, with diverging economic performances still the rule rather than the exception.  Global growth remains sub-par and out of synch. While the U.S. and U.K. economies look to be generating more sustainable growth momentum, many countries and regions continue to have difficulty in generating and importantly sustaining any meaningful growth, notwithstanding ongoing stimulus support,and in some cases, the promise of more.

Scotiabank Global Forecast -October 1, 2014