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Economic Monthly Reports

We are pleased to present the latest editions of the Economic Monitor and the Market Monitor from Dynamic Funds Economics, prepared by Chief Economist Dr. Martin Murenbeeld and Senior Economist William Tharp; a division which provides independent analysis and research to retail and institutional interests from across the globe.  

Dynamic Funds Economic Monitor

The past month has seen a combination of weaker than expected GDP growth numbers and high inflation, both relatively temporary. US growth should rebound though perhaps not as much as originally expected, depending on how the accounting for Obamacare affects the numbers.  Inflation in the US appears to be leveling out but in Canada a further rise, approaching 3%, is still expected. Much of the rise in inflation has been due to higher energy prices (cold winter, global conflicts) and higher food costs (weather and disease), while the Canadian number has also been affected by an earlier fall in the Canadian dollar.

Dynamic Funds Economic Monitor - July 2014

Monthly Market Snapshot

Welcome to the summer of 2014. The season has certainly offered a lot from a geo-political standpoint; the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has continued to ebb and flow, the infiltration of Islamic insurgents in Iraq has caused more havoc in an already beaten-down nation, and the tensions between Israel and Palestine have taken a turn for the worse, once again. Ugly news headlines have naturally caused some investors to feel jittery about exposing their portfolios to riskier asset classes. And sure enough, a punchy news headline regarding any of the aforementioned conflicts has caused markets to move significantly in a single day; however, our question is: how much of an impact do these geo-political events really have on equity market performance over the long-term? We decided to dig a little deeper by looking at two significant geo-political events in the last decade and examine their effects on market performance.

Monthly Market Snapshot - August 2014

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Scotiabank's Global Forecast Update

 Scotia Economics provides clients with in-depth commentary regarding the factors shaping the outlook for Canada and the global economy, including macroeconomic developments, currency and capital market trends, commodity and industry performance, as well as monetary and public policy issues.

Hope Springs Eternal That The Summer Doldrums Will Fall Away Before Winter

Uneventful Trends, For The Most Part

Low borrowing costs and buoyant financial market conditions have continued to lift stock exchanges around the world. However, global growth has remained subdued, and the current expansion remains the weakest in the post-war era.

Scotiabank Global Forecast - July 31, 2014