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Economic Monthly Reports

2015 Economic and Market Outlook Series

Global Economic Update -Aron Gampel, Vice President & Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank


Outlook for CAD and USD -Camilla Sutton, Global Head of Foreign Exchange, Scotiabank




We are pleased to present the latest editions of the Economic Monitor and the Market Monitor from Dynamic Funds Economics, prepared by Chief Economist Dr. Martin Murenbeeld and Senior Economist William Tharp; a division which provides independent analysis and research to retail and institutional interests from across the globe.  

Dynamic Funds Economic Monitor

Financial Markets Overview

Markets remain uncertain about two key prospects: the Fed and oil prices. There are other uncertainties, of course, such as the outcome of Greek debt negotiations and its impact on the euro. Then too, the May 7 British election looks very close; a left-wing coalition will likely weaken the pound.

The Fed will have difficulty interpreting the coming months as the economy recovers from a second straight year of unusually harsh winter weather. The key data to watch, in our opinion,is wage increases (currently around 2.1%). Were anemic inflation to pull these increases lower, the Fed may very well postpone any hikes to 2016.

Dynamic Funds Economic Monitor - April 2015


Monthly Market Snapshot

Giving The Tax Man What He Deserves, And Not A Penny More

Tax season has come and gone, and while many advisors are not involved directly in the preparation of client tax statements, advisors are in a position to have a significant influence over client tax circumstances. Ensuring clients are in a position to maximize their after tax savings is one of the most fundamentally important roles a good advisor should be playing.

We could write volumes about what can be done to ensure maximum tax efficiency, but let’s review some of the basic considerations, discussion points and solutions that advisors should be going through with all clients.

The points that follow may seem rudimentary, but ensuring the basics are in place is the most important step in ensuring client tax planning needs are on the right track.

Monthly Market Snapshot - May 2015


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Scotiabank's Global Forecast Update

 Scotia Economics provides clients with in-depth commentary regarding the factors shaping the outlook for Canada and the global economy, including macroeconomic developments, currency and capital market trends, commodity and industry performance, as well as monetary and public policy issues.

More Of The Same, Again

The global economy remains an underachiever, with weakness persisting across most advanced and emerging market economies. There is little evidence of a more synchronized and broader economic revival underway around the world.

Scotiabank Global Forecast - April 30, 2015